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Canteen of Hisense Group

Waiting Hall of Chengyang Coach Station

Reading room of Haier Holiday Village

Canteen of municipal goverment

Qingdao International Beer Town Stand

Qingdao Shiyan Primary School Classroom

Shandong Province town of North Middle School auditorium

Canteen of Shandong Power Corporation

The Pingdu ninth Middle School canteen

The Pingdu ninth Middle School Town Hall

Pingdu ninth Middle School School Student apartments

Pingdu ninth Middle School playground

Stacked Chairs of Weihai Stadium of Harbin Institute of Technology

Restaurant of Harbin University of Science and Technology

Auditoriumof Harbin University of Science and Technology

Lecture Hal of Harbin University of Science and Technology

Urban Hospital Transfusion Room

Lecture Hall of Shandong University

Office Furniture of Haier Group

Office Furniture Item of Shandong Electric Power Corporation

Machine Room of Qingdao Technological University

Office Furniture Item of Qilu Petrochemical Co., Ltd.

Restaurant of Jifa Group

Meeting Room of Yantai University

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