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I. Employment Culture
Five Principles
1. People with both talent and virtue can be exceptionally promoted;
2. People with virtue with no talent can be trained for use;
3. People with talent with no virtue should be restricted for use;
4. People with neither talent nor virtue should never be used;
5. People who works diligently and ingeniously should have right position and benefits, forming direct proportion between diligent work and benefits, performance and promotion, achievement and position.

II. Character Culture
1. All staff should love the Party, Country, Enterprise and Job
2. Our values are to be arduous and honest, brave and fair, tolerant and learning, and loyalty and patriotism and loving natural and people are principles we pursued all the time.
3. Thinking is the basis of success, dedication is source of happiness.
4. Have good intention and do good deeds, be open and aboveboard, cherish chance.
5. Everyone knows rumor is from yellow dog, passed on by fools, and stopped by wise man.

III. Conduct Culture
Seriously analyze every part of win, deeply understand its meaning to conduct our behavior, win is the basis of conduct.
(win), a Chinese letter, includes
(death), (mouth), (month), (money), and(extraordinary).
(death): Should have the spirit of daring to die, win only by struggle.
(mouth): If you want to win, you should have good reputation in the public as well as eloquence.
(month): Should accumulate over a long period and collect bit by bit.
(money): Should earn money by right way, and spend money without waste.
(extraordinary): Only treating ordinary work with transcendental vigor can win.

IV. Product Culture
Take Credit-based and Humanized as Tenet, Customers as God;
Take Excellent Professional Team as Guarantee under Guidance of Technology;
Supported by Sophisticated Equipment and Advanced Management;
View Quality as Lifeline, Attractiveness, Firmness and Feasibility as Guideline;
Make Every Product Elaborately from Every Detail According to International Standard;
Customer Satisfaction is Our Eternal Pursuit.

V. Management Culture
1. Keep working place clean and neat, road unimpeded, communal facilities intact and environment beautiful, have good manner and kindness, slightly open and close door and window, abide by regulations on fire control, and cultivate conduct as good as water.
2. All staff should fix position, responsibility, civilization production standard, production flow direction, process instructions, safety guarantee measures, production every shift, processing price of single part, detailed rules and regulations on quality, construction period and delivery time.
3. All work should follow the next steps: Determine target→ Check contract quota→ Complete thinking → Research specific solution→ Turn on public ideas→ Implement stage plan→ Divide the work→ Make inspection, summary and appraisal.
4. Should make a plan in a scientific, reasonable, specific and feasible way.

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