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Qingdao Steel & Wooden Furniture Corporation started mass production of steel wooden furniture from 1972, and is an original enterprise of steel and wooden furniture in Qingdao. The company has a staff of over 300 people who form a production team with powerful technical skills and high quality, including 28 expert technicians (among whom 7 people have senior title and 21 people have intermediate title).

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On the basis of international standards,

we should start with every bit and do every fine product.


Qingdao Steel & Wooden Furniture Corporation
Add:700 meters north of Haixi community, Chengyang, Qingdao.    E-mail:bgs@qdgangmu.com
Head Office:Tel:0532-89085989   Fax:0532-89085989     Sale of a:Tel:0532-89085978   Fax:0532-89085977    Sale of two:Tel:0532-89085986
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