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Quality Management System and ISO14001 Environment Management System.

Date:2018-06-20 15:07:42

The company won many honors from the society and industry, and was especially listed as “Provincial Civilized Unit” by Shandong Civilization Office, “Shandong Advanced Party Organization”, a director member of China Furniture Association, and an executive director unit of Shandong Furniture Association and Qingdao Furniture Association. “Jinfeng” steel and wooden furniture was awarded “Qingdao Famous Trademark”, and the company was ranked as “Contract-honoring & Promise-keeping Unit” of Shandong Province for consecutive six years and “Contract-honoring & Promise-keeping Unit” of Qingdao City for consecutive twelve years, “A Class Credit Unit” by Qingdao Labor and Social Security Center, as well as “Qingdao Harmonious Labor Relation Enterprise”. The company has been certified to ISO9001 Quality Management System and ISO14001 Environment Management System.

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